Mindful Birth offers a high quality birth preparation course for the birthing community in The Netherlands:

Watch this two minute video below to 'meet' us. Above all we wish you a calm, joyous birth experience.

Video credit Natalie Carstens - The Birth Photographer

1) This website is transferring to www.Mindful-Birth.com . Now including interactive online course materials: an exciting update to this highly respected course incorporating mindfulness and self-compassion. Please click through to www.Mindful-Birth.com for workshop dates and to register. Face-to-face workshop based courses run each month (170 Euros per couple), but places are limited so do book early.

2) Mindful Decisions, Whether it is choosing a method of pain relief in labour, how to protect your child from disease or which school they will attend, we face decisions that affect our children all the time. This clear and succinct book dovetails well with the Mindful Birth course:
Mindful Decisions - Intentional Family Decision Making

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For more information about the book visit the Mindful Decisions website.

3) Mindfulness based stress management for the workplace , Marie is now offering courses in the workplace. If you would like to suggest a course to be held at your workplace or see more about how this could help, read more at her website: www.attention2being.com.

Mindful birth preparation course available in Oegstgeest (close to Leiden Centraal station and just off the A44).

Easy access from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, Voorschoten, Noordwijk, Wassenaar, Alphen aan den Rijn etc.

Warning! This course could change your whole life (for the better!)

This course was originally developed by Marie and Stephanie, two former HypnoBirthing practitioners. In 2010 we took the decision to develop our own unique 'Mindful Birth' course.

The format of course that suits most people in the busy Randstad area is two half-day Saturday workshops combined with a fantastic six-step online home-study programme.

MP3s, videos, reading material and exercises that form the home study programme are made available at the point at which you sign up for the course; (see www.Mindful-Birth.com for more information). You don't need to wait for the workshop to feel involved. You are supported through your mindful journey towards birth from the moment you sign up and we are available to answer your queries through pregnancy. If you have any queries I am ready to talk you through the decision to sign up for our course. To contact me go to www.Mindful-Birth.com .

Holding the course on Saturdays (two half-day workshops) makes it accessible to people traveling from other cities in Zuid-Holland, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Haarlem etc. Many people are successful in getting some or all of this cost refunded via their insurance company. (Please note that in 2014 Marie is the sole course facilitator).

So a little more detail about what the course is about:

The focus of the course is learning to cultivate an ability to live in the moment and understanding how to accept and work with pain.

In labour, our body requires our full attention. When you are present with the sensations in your body you can optimise your physical and mental state. Let go, trust and use your instincts. Mindful techniques develop patience and acceptance of our experience from one moment to the next. We act rather than react.

This course can help you engage fully with your pregnancy and labour.

Pregnancy is a unique opportunity to tune-in to what life is really about. Life is about living in connection. In connection to our bodies aswell as the world around us. Too often we use our feet only to take us places and our eyes to look instead of see whilst our fingers spend much of the day on auto-pilot pressing buttons. Our experience is disconnected. By making a virtue of multi-tasking we miss out on so much detail. In other words we are not present and aware of what is really going on. Pregnancy is a series of moments when have more reason than ever to pause.

This course has been designed to help you create better balance in your life as you prepare for the birth of your baby and your life as a new parent. Short stretches of mindful relaxation help us connect with our body through the breath. We can learn to self-regulate whilst coping with the everyday stresses of normal life. You can learn these techniques at any time but what better time to learn than when pregnant? You'll discover that having developed a mindful attitude you will to cope with the helpful pain in labour and those more challenging moments as we adjust to life as a new parent.

This unique course is priced at 170 Euros. Just some of the things you will learn:

- Cultivate an acceptance of the way your pregnancy is emerging as a unique experience
- Develop an ability to be open minded about the unknowns of your journey ahead towards birth and parenthood
- Understand the physiology of labour and to connect with the powerful uterus through your breathe
- Feel able to let go of what you can't control
- How intentionally adopting a mindful attitude can help optimise both your mind and body for a beautiful and positive birth experience and journey into parenthood.

You can subscribe to the course at anytime in your pregnancy. We suggest selecting the date for a workshop anytime after your 20th week. Check on course dates here.


The sensation of birth we call 'pain' is hard work but when we respond, rather than react, most people cope well.

Birth is a physiological process which more often than not progresses naturally if allowed space to do so.

Here is what some people have had to say about our classes:

A REALLY excellent course giving LOADS of insights without being in any way prescriptive.
Alison Sutton 'Childrearing Matters' child development and parenting specialist

Very relaxing and helped me put things in perspective.
Parent - anon

Clear, friendly, positive and unique.
Parent - anon

It was essential for me to become confident about the birth. An extremely positive experience.
Parent - anon

Very positive, we will recommend to others. Parent - anon

The course is EXCELLENT in all respects. I was most impressed with the level of experience, personal and professional of instructors. The birthing video gives a very positive image of how birth can be.
Catherine and Adam

The course is very informative, helpful and has made us feel clearer about what we want aswell as giving a picture of what is to come.
Rotem - Mum

What impressed me most was the friendliness and openness of the instructors.
Caroline & Giorgio

It's a fantastic course. It is really great for couples, very inspiring and great tutors.
Christina and Jean-Francois

What impressed me most was the quality of the teaching.

What impressed me most was to be able to move from a panicky feeling about giving birth (after my first birth experience) to feeling positive, excited and expectant about labouring the second time around. A very empowering course.
Anita and Rasmus

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